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Best dating sim on newgrounds

I've done everything on my own in the past, and my games reflect shoddiness I know, But I thank you for continued support. Love Bomee~ I've been browsing through all the critiques and comments and I agree, though, I've lost the touch from the earlier game, the original Dating sim for girls which was creative, fun, and complete with a soul-- my new sims have engaging plots but then the gameplay is bland.

Three weeks later, the girl from the future returns.

She realizes that she has made a critical mistake, and must now kill the protagonist.

Fortunately, the gun actually has the reverse effect; it gives the protagonist the ability to become the "megaplayboy" that the girl traveled back in time to stop.

Within a few days, the protagonist is exponentially smarter, stronger, and more charming, and is developing stronger relationships with the female characters.

He discovers that she had a necklace on her, and decides to take it to his teacher, Akira, who hangs out at the Fight Club.

Meanwhile, on the way to Fight Club, the hero encounters Ryuji.

This dating sim will feature better graphics and more interactivity, along with what my dating sims are know for, NO-HEntai, and a great storyline~ Stay tuned!

(yeah has been 10 years...) For more info please visit the official Simgirls website:

One day, after praying to God for a miracle that will make him more attractive, he is visited by a girl from the future.

Apparently, she had gone back in time to manipulate the DNA of a "megaplayboy," who eventually had over 100 children, in order to help fight overpopulation.

:) Bomee Time to work hard on a new non-hentai dating sim for this year.