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The Environmental Protection Agency has produced a poster about the lifecycle of a DVD or CD which is interesting.

Unfortunately doorstep recycling generally won’t accept compact discs and jewel cases, so the challenge is in finding a recycling plant that will accept them and then in physically getting them there.

Items are separated into compact discs, jewel cases and paper packaging/inserts, 2.

Printed literature is baled and pulped for use in other paper products, 3.

I chose to fork out £15 to post them to London Recycling, which is a lot and I imagine would put most people off completely.

So come on, councils, please add CD’s and jewel cases to your home collection recycling service.

By embracing technology solutions, forward-thinking apparel and footwear companies are fashioning tight, visible, integrated supply chains—and reaping the rewards.

At first glance, Martha Stewart leaving prison wearing a poncho knit by a fellow inmate has little to do with logistics and supply chain management. When images of the domestic diva hit the media, consumers scrambled to find the poncho, racking up $375,000 in sales when it was first featured on Stewart's TV show.

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